European Kundalini Yoga Festival

29. Juli 2017
Mur de Sologne, France
European Kundalini Yoga Festival
European Kundalini Yoga Festival

Mantra Recording
“Just see how powerful a mantra can be. All the stars and the Universe are very powerful… But, by chanting a mantra, just see how powerful you can be.”
(Yogi Bhajan)

This workshop is aimed at all music and singing yogis and yoginis or those who would like to become happy. You want to be your teacher for your own recording for e.g. The Unity Mantras Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo / Ad Gure Nameh in the Lesson? You have an instrument and always wanted to record your own version of a mantra? Or you just want to work with your own voice, get to know them better and just sing „drauflos“? In our mobile recording studio, you can fulfill this heart’s wish under professional guidance. The mantra recording includes vocal warm-up exercises, the selection and singing of a mantra, refinement of the vocal recordings as well as a professional reworking. The result can be carried on CD. Beginners are most welcome!